2. Moving through the Emerging and Emergent Church Scenes

How I moved on after 1995 through the Emerging, Emergent and House Church scene to the time when I finally stopped attending church in 2009 is a very long journey that I have tried to describe elsewhere on the blog.
By 2010 I was involved with a couple of para-church groups in Brighton where I live, including a church in a pub run by an Anglican priest. I was also introduced to the writings of Richard Holloway – the former leader of the Episcopalian church in Scotland. It was Richard who suggested that the symbol God is one of the most ambiguous of human inventions. He had a big impact on my thinking – see “Broken Myths”.

In 2012 I found a review of “Christianity After Religion” by Diana Butler Bass (see sidebar) that was another one of those light-bulb moments, as a result of which I found myself with a faith that I could hold on to ‘loosely’ despite no longer attending church.
It also made me realise that even at that time I had been an outside observer of American Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism with it’s emphasis on fear, guilt and shame for over 15 years.

It was after I had watched the interview with Barbara Brown Taylor in 2019 that I saw two posts on Facebook that really made me stop and think – see here.

I have commented elsewhere about the impact of Diana’s subsequent book “Grounded” in 2015. This has been a major influence on my thinking. Interestingly her subsequent books have shown how our paths were running in parallel but have now diverged.
That’s surely just a reflection of how we are all on unique journeys and are not necessarily being drawn in quite the same way?

About Peter

I am now 84 and walked away from 'traditional' Christianity over 45 years ago. I stopped attending church in 2009. I have a bit of a reputation for asking some of the awkward questions to which there are no easy answers.
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