Additional Material

It was often said that there is a book within each of us waiting to get out.
I was already retired over 20 years ago when instead of writing a book, I created a web site that eventually became the foundation of my current blog.
It really has been an on-going Work-In-Progress that still contains some of the original material – including the Mind Maps – that are now some 15 years old.

There are a number of Posts, Pages, Videos and other Blogs that I want to be able to share. Some of these are listed in the sidebar.

Everything is Spiritual – a 2 hour presentation by Rob Bell that brings together a potential link between Spirituality and the Big Bang.

Maybe you feel part of “The Invisible Church”?

Maybe a little “Food for Thought” would be appropriate?

As an Anglican I had never believed in the traditional teaching of “HELL”. In “My Story (from 1995 to 2012) I have described how I have become “An Outside Observer of American Evangelicalism”. It was a few years ago that I first read “Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire” by Julie Ferwerda. A free copy is available here. If you are interested in Julie’s story you can find a recent podcast here.

Who or what is God? – a lengthy article written in 2001 by John Hick, a Brit who is said to be one of the most influential philosophers of religion of the second half of the twentieth century. The final paragraph reads:
So here is a large-scale hypothesis which constitutes a religious, as distinguished from a naturalistic, interpretation of religion. And like all such hypotheses, it presents itself for consideration and invites others who find it inadequate to offer a better hypothesis.
I’m no scholar but this article makes a lot of sense and seems to be a useful starting point.

What makes me THINK there is an actual god? – written by Bob Greaves who I have known on the web for over 10 years.

Prophetic Imagination – Walter Brueggermann – June 2018 – thought provoking?

The Twelve Theses – Bishop Spong – that may be a real challenge!

Mind Maps – What is Life? – some of my own work over 15 years ago.

Ego and Human Nature – something I wrote in 2017 and then got side-tracked.
Now that I’ve almost finished collecting my thoughts, I’m looking forward to exploring this again.

What is God? – Rupert Sheldrake – multiple perspectives in which god can be seen and understood.