An Introduction for those interested in Progressive Christianity

It was in April that I was given a link to the March 2017 edition of Progressive Voices – the Newsletter of the Progressive Christian Network Britain. One article that immediately attracted my attention was “Where is Progressive Christianity Heading? by Andy Vivian. Here was an overview that I could really relate to. I’d felt for some months that the time had come to ‘draw a line in the sand’ but new thoughts just kept coming. Finally Andy’s article gave me a foundation to build on.

I’m hoping that a little background will help others to understand where I’ve come from.
I am now 81 and my blog that started as a web site, has been a work-in-progress for over 16 years. I was treasurer of an Anglican Church in the UK for 8 years in the 1960’s before becoming disillusioned with what I saw as a lack of ‘radical’ Christianity. I subsequently spent some 20 years as a member of a Sabbath keeping Christian church, until that church was torn apart by a split in 1995 that effectively ‘destroyed’ our own family of 14 related by marriage. By this time I was already ‘retired’ and felt that I was being ‘forced’ to reconsider just about everything I had ever been taught.

By 2003 I was very involved with the Emerging / Emergent / House church scene and the work of Alan Jamieson in New Zealand. It was directly as a result of this in 2004 that I first met members of PCN in the UK, but quickly realised that they were only interested in changes from within the churches they were involved with. But at that time I felt very comfortable with what people were referring to as the ‘out of church Christians‘.

Since then I have been in touch with over 2,000 people including several Anglican and Evangelical leaders and former leaders. Then in 2014 I made contact with Eric Alexander who is a Board member of in America.

With that background I think you can pick up my story here.

I have entitled the introduction to the blog as “Time to Step Back”. I haven’t been attending church since 2009 and I’ve been very much on my own for several months apart from the U3A classes I have been attending over the last 4 years.

I’d love to make contact locally or on the web with anyone who would like to share their thoughts, and I would really appreciate any constructive criticism.