Belief or Non-Belief! – Does it Matter?

Ask someone to really tell you why they believe / not-believe and the answer is unlikely to be very convincing to others.
How convincing would your story be?
How do you react to the idea of explaining your belief or non-belief in God?
Is it more of a feeling rather than a reason or conscious conclusion?
Do you feel the need to have reasons to justify those feelings?
Do you have beliefs that don’t quite tie up with what you were originally taught?
Do you feel that you were indoctrinated from an early age?
Maybe you have totally rejected what you were taught!
How many people feel ‘lost’ – afraid because they don’t sense what they are expected to sense – and may wonder if their faith is genuine, or if they really are Christians?
Why do you think that some people believe but can’t explain why?

Would you like to be able to ask questions and/or share some of your thoughts and frustrations with others who may have been on similar journeys? Would you appreciate the freedom to talk about where you have come from and where you are now, even if that position is changing or has changed recently? We have all been on unique journeys and that means that we are all seeing things from a specific vantage point. It is obvious to me that whether we are believers, non-believers or something in between, we can learn so much from listening to each other’s stories in open and honest discussion without the need to turn the discussion into a contest or a debate.

  • Can we accept that the Bible is a human creation?
  • What place traditional theology?
  • What place the language of myth and symbolism?
  • Does deconstruction necessarily lead to abandonment of faith?

We are all on different journeys. I have had the time to learn so much about why people believe what they believe, often as a result of divisive, denominational theology and the culture in which they were brought up.

Would you like to share some of your thoughts – maybe some of your own story?