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1. A New Starting Point

Have you ever asked yourself: How well do I really know God? Do I really know what I believe? How did I come to believe in this God? To what extent have I been influenced by my own culture? How would I … Continue reading

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2. Moving through the Emerging and Emergent Church Scenes

How I moved on after 1995 through the Emerging, Emergent and House Church scene to the time when I finally stopped attending church in 2009 is a very long journey that I have tried to describe elsewhere on the blog.By 2010 I was involved with a couple of … Continue reading

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Where is God in this Pandemic?

I became a Christian as an adult over 60 years ago.My blog has effectively been a Work-In-Progress for over 20 years.I’ve never had any formal theological training.I have twice had to reconsider just about everything I had ever been taught.A … Continue reading

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