Causes of Poverty?

As a 15 year old English lad I got into serious trouble at school when I dared to suggest that the British Empire had been built on greed and selfishness. That was in 1950, long before the stories of companies like The British East India Company and the wealthy owners became general knowledge.

Last year I came across an article entitled, “3 Ways Humans Create Poverty” that suggested that it is impossible to solve an entrenched problem like mass poverty without understanding how it came into being, and that there’s every reason to believe we can overcome poverty, if we take the time to understand and learn the lessons from how it is created.
The authors effectively traced the causes back to colonialism and slavery. I found myself wondering how much blame for this could be placed on misguided Christian missionary zeal.
I know that’s a very unorthodox suggestion, but if you are interested please read the article and the link to the Bill Gates Foundation and see what you think.