Collecting My Thoughts

I was talking to my grandson in 2016 when I realised that my life has consisted of two quite separate journeys. There was the Journey through Christendom that started at the age of 13 (when I rejected what I had been taught about the trinity) and there was the world of a computer programmer and business analyst (very analytical and methodical) that started on a main frame computer in 1967. These journeys only really came together when I was made redundant again in 1990 but at that time I had no appreciation of what I now see as an enormous difference between what might be called Christian FAITH and the Christian RELIGION (or CHRISTENDOM – see sidebar).

After stepping back and explaining something of the journey I have been on, I am left with other material that I would like to share with anyone who might be interested. What follows are pointers to topics that are covered elsewhere on the blog.

“Personal Stories” – an article written by a friend some time ago that sums up what I see as the importance of our own stories.

“Some Awkward Questions” – many of the questions that I was considering some 12 years ago – a reflection of where I was at that time – that might be helpful to anyone who has only recently been drawn to a similar journey. See sidebar.

“Christians, Agnostics and Atheists” – I have been involved in many deep discussions over the years. There is so much argument about the meaning of these words.
This is a article I wrote a few years ago.

“Causes of Poverty?” – Was the British Empire built on greed and selfishness – a thought that first got me into a lot of trouble at school when I was 15!

“What is our Perception of Reality?” This for me is an important topic for discussion – related to What is TRUTH? and the importance of Critical Thinking along with thoughts on Myers Briggs; Enneagrams; Counselling; EGO; Fowler’s Stages of Faith and Spiral Dynamics.

I also have a real interest in science but for that I just read and listen.