Collecting My Thoughts

I was talking to my grandson last year when I realised that my life has consisted of two quite separate journeys. There was the Christian Journey and there was the world of a computer programmer and business analysis (very analytical and methodical) that started in 1967. These journeys only really came together when I was made redundant again in 1990.

I’ve often thought of life as having been a series of stepping stones. I’ve also seen it as a climb from one plateau to another – sometimes with a few others – sometimes only one or two – sometimes on my own for a period of time (real wilderness experiences!).

Many of the topics (in the sidebar) represent something of my own journey – how I have reached the position I am in today. But we are all on different journeys and will be at different stages at any one time.

I sense that wherever we are on our unique journeys we are all seeing things from a specific vantage point. Those of us who are still asking questions can learn so much from each other’s stories IF we are happy to take part in OPEN AND HONEST DISCUSSION (rather than a contest or a debate).

Some of the foundations of my blog that has been a work-in-progress for over 16 years:

“Stories” – an article written by a friend that sums up what I see as the importance of our own stories.

“Food for Thought” – is a reflection of some of the thoughts that made me tick.

“Some Awkward Questions” – many of the questions that I was considering some 12 years ago – this might be helpful to anyone who has only recently been drawn to a similar journey.

“Christians, Agnostics and Atheists” – how would you define each of these words?

“An Outside Observer of Evangelicalism” – a view from the UK after being ‘forced’ to consider American Evangelicalism in 1995.

“Progressive Christianity” – something I looked at in 2004 and then revisited in 2014. It has now become an interesting part of my current thinking.

“Thinking!” – a topic I’d like to explore further.

“Causes of Poverty?” – something I first thought about 66 years ago!

“What is our Perception of Reality?” an important topic for discussion.

That brings me to the beginning of 2016 after which there was a new sense of direction – see “A Fresh Start”.