I have been blogging for many years and feel most at home in that environment. I also appreciate that some people reading this blog may not be ready to share their thoughts publicly. Please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts privately by email. My Gmail address is oldpete76.

I cut my teeth on a web site. As an introvert I like to be able to continue discussions over a period of time – something that seldom happens on Facebook.


10 Responses to Contact

  1. Life after Sixty-Five says:

    It is nice to find this blog. I will be visiting again to read more.

  2. Forrest Chambers says:

    I don’t know where you are spiritually, but I have been around organized religion up until about twenty years ago and quite frankly, I have had a belly full of it. I am beginning to realize that what God wants from us is a relationship with Him and that is available to anyone who recognizes their need to bridge the gap between them and the Father through the death and resurrection of Christ our Lord. From there, we begin our journey to getting to Know God and He us. Not much more complicated than that. Organized religion and even some friends of mine continue to argue about doctrinal differences but I am no longer am interested in those differences. If we can not have a relationship without all of the religious crap that goes along with it, I guess we will not have a relationship at all. I am not in the camp that God is just all love and neither am I in the camp where He is this mean person just out to cause us pain and misery but a person who genuinely loves us but there are some conditions for maintaining that relationship as there are with relationships here on earth. Let me know what your thoughts are.


    Forrest Chambers

  3. Anthony Paul says:

    Hello Peter:
    I’m a 73 year old man who purposely left the church body 20 years ago… purposely because I knew I would never go back to that again. I’ve only now started reading some of your articles and I am getting a sense that you have thought long and hard on some of these very important issues regarding your relationship with a God who sometimes seems so elusive to so many. I must say up front that I am not a scholar or anyone with any kind of professional standing; but I have managed to formulate some thoughts shaping a world view through such thinkers as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Dostoevsky, C.S. Lewis, Henri Nouwen, Malcolm Boyd, Charles Davis, Herman Hesse, Carl Gustave Jung, and so many countless others.

    I am thrilled to have found your blog and hope that we can perhaps exchange some more specific thoughts as I continue to read through your writings. This is especially important for me because I often find myself alone with my own thoughts as others living a more conventional spiritual experience within a church setting find my ideas quite contrary to what they are comfortable with.

    Anyway, I look forward to joining you on this journey of both mind and heart. Thank you for sharing it all with us weary travelers out here.

  4. Mark Thompson says:

    I am certainly interested in what you say.

    • Mark Thompson says:

      Oops. pressed ‘enter’ too soon. I would leave the Church I go to IF there was something in offer where one can talk and share our thoughts and grow further in life’s journey. I’m from Adelaide South Australia.

      • Hi Mark,

        I would attempt to find a home group that is truly interested in seeking more of God. This also is difficult to find since most believers are more interested in worshiping doctrine than they are God. My wife and I attend a home group meeting on Sundays that allow us to be together with people with like minds concerning the Lord. That does not mean that we agree on everything, but we mutually respect each others input and hash things out if there is a difference rather than taking our marbles and going home. I feel for where you are spiritually.

  5. Peter says:

    Sorry – I’ve been distracted and missed seeing some of these comments.
    I’ve been in touch with Anthony Paul privately with a view to getting to know each other.
    I have known Forrest for several years and I’m always happy to share thoughts.

    I have to be honest and say that after finishing the introduction to the blog I know that the majority of people who have read the first page have not gone any further.
    I am well aware that I have what many would consider to be an heretic viewpoint.
    Maybe the introduction isn’t seen as the invitation that I hoped it would be.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  6. I presume the photo at the top of your web page is your home and garden?

  7. Peter says:

    It’s a photo taken in Sheffield Park – a National Trust property a few miles from where I live in Sussex.

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