Linguistic Anthropology

I’m no scholar but as an introvert I have sat through something in excess of 2,000 hours of sermons (and given a few) before walking away. More recently I sense that I have learned a lot from reading and listening to what Bob Greaves has been saying. Bob among many other things is a linguistic anthropologist. Some of his teaching goes over my head but now with just a basic understanding of the significance of the use of Koine Greek and the Latin Vulgate I sense that I have a far better understanding of some of the major differences of theology between the Christian denominations.

After more than 10 years as a very committed Anglican, followed by a gap of about 5 years, followed by around 20 years as a member of a Sabbath keeping Christian ‘cult’, I have heard many interpretations of some of the classic ‘Christianese’. I’ve drawn together an extensive list of some of the words and phrases, any one of which could be considered as food for thought! One of the early conclusions I came to was that there was no hell as traditionally taught. I don’t think I ever thought of Adam and Eve as two literal people. I have understood for many years that the Bible is not inerrant, and that there is no such thing as Original Sin.

In “Koine Greek and Augustine” I have included a summary of some of what I have learned from Bob.

In “Linguistics and Grammarians” I have included some of my own rough notes.


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