Some Awkward Questions

This is the first of ‘Some Earlier Material’ that was put together around 2005 – just before my thinking really began to change. I was always asking questions.

Why do we believe what we believe?

How for example, would you define the purpose of life? Some would say that this is a mystery that we are not meant to understand, but if we don’t have a sense of purpose, what is it that motivates us? How can we really share our faith unless that faith is built on a meaningful foundation?

Consider some of the following:

Would a loving Father really allow anyone to end up in hell simply because they had never heard or understood the real truth of the gospel message?

What is the place of suffering – something that the Christian RELIGION doesn’t seem to have an answer for? If life is meant to be a training ground for the future (heaven on earth?) suffering is inevitably part of that process – one of the real mysteries of life?

What is the real meaning of ‘church‘ and why are so many committed Christians being drawn outside the walls of traditional Christianity, and away from churches that they may have attended for many years?

Why do we have so much divisive, denominational theology, and is there really a big difference between the Christian RELIGION and the Christian FAITH?

What is the place of leadership? What about the priesthood of all believers?

What does the story of Genesis mean to you? Are you willing to consider the possible significance of myth and symbolism? Did Adam and Eve really exist? Have you ever really considered the possible meaning of the story of the two trees? What is the significance of the “Fall of Adam“? (there are several conflicting views). What is the real meaning of sin? (a very contentious subject). Is it possible that it might be better described as a lack of love or missing the mark of what Father wants us to be?

How much do we think we know about God and how well do we really know God and his plan and purpose for mankind in general?

These are some of the questions about the foundations of the Christian faith that brought me to the place where I was around 2006.
[My thoughts have certainly changed since then].

There is I suggest, a close parallel with the way our understanding grows and changes as we move from childhood to teenage; from teenage to young adult; from young adult to a more mature view of life that may continue to change over the years. For some 30 years I can now see that my faith was based almost entirely on ‘head knowledge’ and very little ‘heart awareness’. That really began to change in 2003 as I began to share thoughts with others who felt that they were being drawn away from churches they may have been attending for many years.

The next post is here.

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