Some Thoughts and Questions

A God of love who has been misunderstood?

A progressive revelation – the mystic union of the human and the divine?

Why the crucifixion? It surely wasn’t to save us from an angry God!

The resurrection – brought about a mysterious union? No place for self hatred?

The Holy Spirit that resides within?

The notion of a predetermined life makes no sense!

We have choices – the ability to choose from available options – partial knowledge – not free will – that gives us a responsibility to choose wisely.

No original sin!

We can choose whether to reach out to a mysterious source of universal loving character, but can only reflect that love if we recognise that we are loved unconditionally – allowing God (or the Holy Spirit) within to be our spiritual energy and life – even if we don’t recognise the presence of God?

Satan as a picture of selfish rebellion in the quest for personal superiority that contaminates the genuine purpose of love?

Humanity has been created with a wide array of aptitudes, emotions, desires and awareness of unknown limits. Also created spiritually which allows us to draw our character directly or indirectly from God – or exploit our condition to achieve superiority over others (that isolates us from God)?

There is a need to sustain our health physically, mentally and spiritually as social beings.

What place the myth and symbolism of Genesis and other early creation stories?

What place the need to invite God into a relationship with us?

Is God isolated from the creation that he loves?

The atonement – a mysterious and inexplicable expression of God’s character – a way back to God or a reflection of ongoing love? Bob suggests that our most fundamental need and our deepest root is to know what it is to live loved – and to allow God’s love to become what transforms usredemption as the process of becoming who we really are!
United with each other?

Transformation – one step at a time – understanding more as a result of participation!
It is by allowing God (Holy Spirit) to live within that creates the fruit of our progress?
It is God’s responsibility to see it through to the end.
It is our responsibility to allow the challenges of life to be the opportunities that increase our subjective grasp of our relationship with God?

All theology is man made and represents nothing more than human opinion.

Discipleship – helping others to learn how to rest in the presence and love of God – honest attempts to live well and bear fruit!

There is no such thing as church as an organisation – unity as a bond that only God can create?
The local church – those in whom Jesus dwells – who share and compare notes?
It helps to be organised and get things done but that can displace the mystery that connects the true family – all in our proximity who know him?
Local churches as para-church organisations?
Congregations do not need more money than is given to them willingly and without compulsion. What they need more of is love!

The gospel message is not a message about how to get saved or how to get to heaven, but the good news that Jesus (or the Holy Spirit?) wants to abide with and in us? The kingdom of God within?

The inerrancy of scripture as a counter to the Roman Catholic church claim that they were the sole authority? The Bible is not the word of God!

Christianity is a union with Christ?

Predestination – not referring to a trip but to a final destination?

Freedom of choice – adopted as children of God and being conformed to the image of his Son?

The Mosaic law – a superficial and shallow representation of God’s character. The law has been annulled – being transformed by love?

Faith – not a mental assent to propositional truths or confidence in God, but receptivity to the indwelling spirit – participation – sustained by the Spirit – not transformed by our faith but by the activity of Christ received by faith.

Christianity is not a belief system – a trust in the person of Jesus?

Final judgement – none will be found wanting?

It is surely absurd to believe that our destiny depends on submission to a truth that cannot be independently verified. Believing the gospel now only determines who gets to subjectively experience the reality of Christ in this life?
Bob believes in Ultimate Universal Reconciliation.

Filled with the Spirit – open to guidance towards attitudes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control – so that they become an authentic expression of our true self?

Who am I? A destiny wrapped up in who I am becoming and not who I have been?
Living by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me?

There is I suggest, no such thing as a sinful nature? Evil is a quality of outcomes and a quality of character (founded on personal values)?
The abuse and mistreatment that we experience as well as being without Christ until we embrace him is all that is required to explain our character flaws – maybe we can only embrace the life of Christ knowingly and voluntarily, later in life?

Surely all authentic love has its initial source in the love of God?

A renewed mind – a change of focus and a change of awareness, rather than a change of belief system?
The miracle of an open mind?

God does not have a specific will for our lives – we are responsible for making our own decisions. We gain wisdom by taking full responsibility for our choices.

Science is no threat to truth!

Christian giving should be motivated by love – not duty or obligation?

Selfishness and the quest to be superior to others is the opposite of love – life is not a competition – it should be a community.

God is not impressed with the performance of good works.

God is not the least bit interested in securing from us a greater commitment, more dedication or more powerful devotion – but following Jesus (or the Holy Spirit).

Prayer changes us – God needs no changes!

Being spiritual – how well does God’s love pour forth from us to others!


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