The Development of FAITH

It wasn’t until about 2005 that I really began to appreciate that there was an enormous difference between the Christian FAITH and the Christian RELIGION (or Christendom) – and what I later came to see as a fundamental difference between RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY.

Stages of Faith” (part of the foundations of my blog as I saw them about 10 years ago) is a reflection of my view then after spending a lot of time sharing thoughts with others; much of which was based on the work of Alan Jamieson and indirectly on “Fowler’s Stages of Faith”. Some subsequent discussions centred around “Stages of the Journey” – another view by Hagberg and Guelich, and “Spiral Dynamics and Stages of Awareness”.

This had all taken a back seat until I was listening to Barbara Brown Taylor in 2014 talking primarily about Lunar Spirituality but where she referred to Fowler’s Stages of Faith written in 1981 – and suggested that the stages still sound familiar despite all that has happened since then – see here.

I recently rediscovered ‘The Life Cycle of Faith’ by The Evangelical Liberal that gives another valuable perspective.

We are all on unique journeys. Would you like to share some of your thoughts?


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