Thinking! Critical Thinking! Cognitive Dissonance!
These are some of the topics I like to think about.
Here are some of my ‘bullet points’ relating to some of my favourite topics.

  • Those who ask questions need to be tolerated – they are needed to confront unexamined assumptions – such as the futility of searching for happiness in the accumulation of wealth.
  • What place endless growth; ceaseless exploitation and constant expansion?
  • Humanity sees what it wants to see – it creates myths – it ignores unpleasant facts – education (a funnel) is turned into vocational training.
  • We don’t know where we are going or why!
  • Why do we turn a blind eye?
  • There is so much evidence of social decay!
  • The idea that reality is physical and rational blinds us to the truth!
  • The need for beauty, grief, love, the search for meaning, the struggle to face our own mortality and the ability to face truth are important.
  • How can a civilisation based on human emotion and greed survive?
  • Logical reasoning is focused on a finite and identifiable goal?
  • Is it true that thinking has no utilitarian function – no aim outside itself?
  • Culture has effectively severed us from human imagination – the space that was once reserved for solitude, reflection and privacy!
  • So many thinkers have been tossed into a wilderness where they are seen as unimportant!
  • But thinkers and artists are needed more than ever in times of crisis! They provide the subversive narratives that allow us to consider new directions.
  • Corporate capitalism is surely leading us towards self-annihilation?
  • Are we strangers in our own country or an outcast from self?