Why Suffering? – The Problem of Pain

  • Suffering in one form or another is a stark and ever present reality in all of our lives.
  • Does it have to be that way?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • As long as human beings make mistakes there will be suffering!
  • As long as we are physical we will be subject to breaking down and wearing out – sickness and death will be our lot!
  • If we are free moral agents with minds to think, and the ability to decide what we will do, there are the inevitable consequences and a certain randomness to what may happen to us and to others.
  • If we accept the Judaeo-Christian belief that God is a just God who is all-powerful, all wise and all good we are immediately faced with this enormous problem of the vast catalogue of human suffering. Why does God allow it?
  • Why do innocent people suffer?
  • Understandably people ask such questions as, “Why did God let Tommy die?” or “Why did God allow this to happen to me?”
  • “What have I done to deserve this?” is a persistent question.

So much pain and suffering is inflicted by those around us – much selfishness and selfcentredness.

How much of that pain and suffering is inflicted by those who call themselves teachers and prophets?

There are times when we can walk alongside others and support them. There may be times to challenge them!