Words, Phrases and their Meanings?

It is now over 27 years since I had a full time job. I was already interested in documenting my own unorthodox beliefs before the traumatic experiences that started in 1995. A lot of effort went into discussing and considering many of the following topics:

Adoption Agnosticism Belief / Trust
Atonement Blood of Christ Belief Persistence
Christendom Church / Ekklesia Constantine
Creeds Crucified with Christ Death of Christ
Death / Bereavement Discipleship Emerging /Emergent
Faith – what is it? Foundations of Faith Fear / Guilt / Shame
Forgiveness Genesis God’s Wrath
Grace Grief Head v Heart
Heaven Hell Holy Spirit
Justice, Mercy, Grace Justification /Pardon Legalism
Love Messiah Mission
Myth and Symbolism Neuroscience New Wine Skins
 Possibilianism  Peace  Penal Substitution
 Predestination  Propitiation  Reconciliation
 Redemption  Repentance  Resurrection
 Righteousness  Satan  Saved / Salvation
 Sin / Original Sin  Sola Scriptura  Spirituality
 Sovereignty of God  Suffering  Tithing / Giving
 Trinity  Traditions  Worship / Prayer

All part of what has created my own view of life!


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