Time to Step Back

It is now September.

It is said that there is a book in each of us waiting to get out. Instead of writing a book I started developing a web site 17 years ago.
When people publish a book there always has to be a ‘cut off’.
I’m now 82 and my understanding has been changing, sometimes quite dramatically over the years and as those thoughts have changed my blog has reflected those changes.
I’ve felt for over a year that maybe it’s time to draw a line in the sand, but new thoughts and ideas just keep coming. It’s still an on-going story! 

I have been on what I describe as a journey through Christendom that began during World War 2 when at the age of 9 my parents (who left school at 13 and 14 and never owned a Bible) sent me to a Baptist Sunday School because they wanted me to be better educated than they were. It was when I was 13 that I rejected what I had been taught about the trinity and walked away!

The following has been part of the introduction to my blog for some time:

Are you or have you been on a Journey away from Traditional Christianity?

Where are you now on your Journey?

  • Maybe you are one of the DONESDone with Religion – or someone who thinks of themselves as SBNRSpiritual But Not Religious.
  • Perhaps you would describe yourself as an Ex-Christian or Atheist but still looking for opportunities to share your thoughts in a constructive way.
  • Many have become ‘disillusioned’ with some aspects of what they had been taught about the Christian RELIGION (or CHRISTENDOM).
    [This was an important part of my journey and I have explained in some detail what I understand by this].
  • Many people within the different denominations recognise that some things need to change. Others recognise that any denomination can only take its people as far as their own traditions and denominational theology will allow, and are looking for some of those deeper insights.
  • Some have been abused by leaders; some are angry that they have been deceived while others have simply let go of what they had been taught.
  • Perhaps you have considered some of the very diverse views of people who describe themselves as Progressive Christians where some are working from within while others have moved beyond the confines of their own denomination.


If you can relate to any of the above, you might like to consider:

What is God?  and  Where is God?

What place Christians and Atheists – is there truth
that lies somewhere between the two extremes?

In “My Story” I’ve tried to explain something of how I’ve come to see the significance of these questions.

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